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History of the company

Prior to launching the company known today as Vie de Velours, the owners were raising elk in Quebec whose antler were designated exclusively for the Oriental market. For more than 2,000 years velvet antler has been utilized in Asian traditional remedies. Orientals are still the greatest consumers of elk antler and Vie de Velours continues to supply them.

In the late 1990’s, Asian markets experienced a period of great turbulence, and business became more difficult for Quebec producers. As a result, in 2000, Vie de Velours was born to bring to market an entirely natural product based on the velvet antler of the great North American Elk.

The first product to reach the market was Vie de Velours CAPSULES, used principally for its benefits to joint function.

Natural products have long been misunderstood by many consumers. In consideration of this, Vie de Velours has made available to the public by way of our toll-free number, the services of Pierre Carrière, an accredited Naturopath who is qualified to respond to the full spectrum of queries regarding the products and their utilization.

Vie de Velours has become part of the Quebec culture, and is renowned for its natural products of superior quality. Thanks to its success, the Vie de Velours team is continually striving to develop new and innovative products!

Pierre Carrière ND.A.

Pierre Carrière has been a Naturopath and Massotherapist since 1994 when he graduated from l’Institut Internationale de Recherche en Homéopathie et en Biothérapie (IIRHB) and from l’Académie de Massages Scientifique (AMS) in Montreal.

Immediately following his graduation, Mr. Carrière put his training to work in a natural food store and clinic, where he consulted in naturopathic medicine and massotherapy. After several years, he began working with pharmacists in Quebec with regards to the interaction of medicine and natural supplements.

Mr. Carrière holds memberships in both l’Association des Naturopathes Agréés du Québec (ANAQ) and l’Association des Massothérapeutes RITMA (Regroupement des Intervenants et Thérapeutes en Médecine Alternative) and continues to study, acquiring further certifications and broadening his education.

Vie de Velours is proud to be associated with Pierre Carrière in his capacity as a health professional since its founding in 2000.


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