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Best protection for the cold season

This is an ideal protection against winter – the season of throat and respiratory infections. Thanks to its principal ingredients – propolis, echinacea and thyme, APPILIS Spray plays a preventative and restorative role. Moreover, its extracts of lungwort, grapefruit seed and fresh mint flavour support a healing synergy in this high quality product.

Sore throat

Condensed propolis extract

APPILIS Spray contains propolis, a reddish gum-like substance which bees gather to antisepticise and protect their hives. Our extract is of the highest quality in order to preserves its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing properties. A first-class product for infections or inflammations of the throat, mouth or gums.


Echinacea is one of the most important medicinal plants of North America. It has antibiotic, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, and some of its components stimulate the body’s immune system against bacterial and viral attacks. Echinacea is especially effective on chronic disorders such as:

  • common colds, flu and other respiratory disorders. Used as a gargle, it relieves angina
  • exhaustions syndrome caused by viral infection
  • frost bite
  • dermatitis.

Grapefruit seed extract

The surprising properties of this seed have come to light, thanks to an observant doctor and physicist, Dr. Jacob Harich. A gardener in his spare time, Dr. Harich realized that unlike the rest of his compost, grapefruit seeds did not rot. A meticulous analysis led to the discovery that grapefruit seeds contain a substance that appears to be more effective and less toxic than any known antibiotic, without harmful side effects, and still friendly to good bacteria.

Plant extracts

APPILIS Spray also contains the extracts of plants which synergistically combine to support the action of the principal ingredients:

  • THYME: tonic and antiseptic properties – respiratory diseases
  • LUNGWORT: European plant traditionally used for pulmonary diseases and sore throat.

Recommended usage

Spray two or three times into the mouth. Repeat as needed three or four times per day.


Shake well before use.


30ml per bottle

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