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Elixir for her

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Elixir for him

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Elixir for her

Known as a beverage composed of natural substances possessing curative properties, Elixir by Vie de Velours is an energizing and invigorating creation in two themes: one for her and one for him. With gender-specific plant extracts supporting the adaptogenic function of velvet antler, this cocktail has the red blood cell producing and immune system enhancing properties whose effectiveness in lowering cardio-vascular stress, improving stamina and muscle growth and repair, and increasing growth hormone levels, makes it one of the most powerful and healthful tonics on the market today.

Anti-fatigue – Energizer – Vitality

We often feel overwhelmed by incessant activity and the turbulence of everyday life.

How many times have we heard the expression: “I am tired of being exhausted!”? Velvet Life offers products that supply constant energy and support to help individuals suffering from stress due to a hectic lifestyle often compounded by poor diet. Velvet Life will help re-establish the body’s « Yin/Yang balance » by acting on your endocrine system and by supplying nutritional energy to your cells. Thanks to Elixir by Velvet Life, you will bridge the nutritive gaps in your day, and obtain renewed and lasting energy.

Why two Elixirs?

We all know that men and women are different. This is why we have conceived an Elixir for HER and one for HIM. Men and women have different endocrinal and physiological, as well as nutritional needs. Elixir by Velvet Life was thus formulated to respect these differences.

Who should take Velvet Life Elixir?

  • Adolescents : to alleviate hormonal imbalance
  • Adults between 20 and 50 years : to diminish stress in work, family and social life
  • Over 50’s: to re-establish hormonal balance due to menopause in women and andropause in men.

Ingredients (per 10ml dose)

500 mg extract of fresh elk velvet antler, 500 mg Ashwaganda extract, 200 mg Green Tea extract, 200 mg Catuaba extract, 150 mg Noni extract, 100 mg Damiana extract


Water, concentrated apple juice, sorbitol, potassium sorbate, citric acid, glycerin, caramel colour, fragrance.

Secondary effects:

None with prescribed dosage.

Medical Interactions:

Should not be consumed with anticoagulants (eg: Warfarine and/or antibiotics).


Not for pregnant or breast-feeding women. FOR WOMEN ONLY.


1 or 2 vials per day before meal. For a more rapid effect, keep in mouth 30 seconds before swallowing.


15 × 10ml per package

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