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Testimonial #12

I had a terrible back pain that almost prevented me from walking. I couldn’t even find a comfortable position to lay down. I therefore came to the conclusion that I had to consult a chiropractor that is located not far from where I live. After 8 weeks of different treatments there was a reduction in pain and it was more bearable, however the pain was not gone completely. I tried different remedies but none of them relieved my pain completely. While I was watching a T.V. show, I saw Mr. Edouard Carpentier promoting the benefits of Velvet Life. I tried it by following the instructions of three pills a day. At the end of one month, my pain was completely gone. I was very happy but found the medication expensive. I told myself that I would decrease by one capsule per day, but to my surprise the pain came back after three weeks. After discussing with my pharmacist, I found the way to buy several boxes at a time in order to save money.
Léo, 76 (St-Lazare, Québec).

Testimonial #11

I was on holiday with my family. At that particular time, I was in a great deal of pain from fibromyalgia and osteo-arthritis. My niece gave me a sample of your wonderful product. Within a week, I was almost completely pain-free. I took Velvet Life for approximately 3 months and then stopped. The pain quickly returned. I started taking Velvet Life again. I am convinced that Velvet Life is making my body feel so much better and I am able to perform my daily activities once again almost pain free. I endorse this product for others with similar pain. Sincerely,
Sue, 58 (Ottawa, Ontario)

Testimonial #10

I had a kidney problem with constant shooting pains, I started taking Velvet Life and I can say that 2 or 3 months later I didn’t feel pain anymore and my kidney was functioning properly. As for my finger joints, it’s all back to normal. My husband, who underwent an operation for a cervical hernia, also took the Velvet Life capsules and the pain he felt at the neck and the spine has greatly diminished. This has been our emergency exit door. We still take it every day. Thank you Velvet Life,
Janine (Ste-Catherine, Quebec)

Testimonial #9

I contacted you to obtain more information on your Velvet Life product which I had heard about on a T.V. show. I was suffering from arthritis, osteo-arthritis and severe fibromyalgia. I had difficulty walking, climbing stairs – I had problems sleeping because the pain was so acute. At 52 years of age I felt my life was literally spent. I started taking Velvet Life at the rate of 2 capsules each morning, and the results after 15 days were fantastic. Without exaggeration, I can say that my physical pain decreased by 80%, and I started living as I did before: I signed up for aqua fitness classes, I’m taking dance lessons again and I am bowling every week. Your product has been very beneficial to me, and you can be sure that I will remain a loyal customer.
Nicole, (Lachenaie, Quebec)

Testimonial #8

Here are the results I got after only eight months. I am 72, I used to hide my arms and hands because my skin was all wrinkled. Now my skin is soft again, my nails are harder and they grow faster. I almost feel no pain in my joints, and my digestion is better. I used to suffer from incontinence. That’s all over now. P.S. Stretch marks on my belly are less apparent. Velvet Life has changed my life. It’s as if I was getting young again, and I thought I didn’t believe in miracles. Thank you.
Jeannette (Lachine, Quebec)

Testimonial #7

After being operated for a cancerous tumor 3cm long in my right breast, and getting 4 chemo treatments and 23 radio treatments in the same year, I went in for a hysterectomy, and my ovaries are gone. I was experiencing very heavy fatigue when I started working again. Then someone suggested I took Velvet Life capsules, and that helped me a lot.
Jacqueline (Montreal, Quebec)

Testimonial #6

My name is Rita. I’m 80 years old. I suffer from osteoporosis. For the last 3 years, every night, I wake up with a headache. I used to take 2 anacins and I would feel a better, but I couldn’t go back to sleep because of the caffein content. I heard about Velvet Life on the radio. The first week, I took one capsule every day and I woke up once. The second week I took 2 a day and the third week 3 a day. My headaches never occurred again and the pain in my arms (from the shoulder to the fingertips) disappeared. I hope that a lot of people will try this product. Living is making Velvet Life a part of your life.
Rita (Montréal, Quebec)

Testimonial #5

The purpose of this letter is say a big thank you for your product that I have just discovered. I am a 40 year old woman, and I have pain in my hips. I regularly suffer from bursitis and tendinitis. My doctor says that I have a calcareous deposit which causes inflammation. I’ve had this for the past 10 years. Many times he has prescribed me anti-inflammatory drugs, and I had a cortisone injection. I also control the pain with aspirins. Some years ago I started using glucosamine. I did feel some improvement but the pain didn’t go away completely. I somehow managed to live with it…, until two and a half weeks ago when a friend of mine suggested I buy your Velvet Life product. I started taking it morning and evening. What a surprise! The pain is gone. And this state of well-being has lasted for over 2 weeks now. We went to the seaside in the United States and I could walk for 2 hours like when I was twenty. I was astonished that I could walk so much without any pain! So a big THANK YOU and congratulations for your Velvet Life product.
Marta (Ascot, Quebec)

Testimonial #4

Firstly, I would like to thank you for putting this Velvet Life product on the market. I’m a generally healthy person and I don’t like to take any medication. I’m 53 and my passion is golf. I had to stop playing; my elbow and arm were hurting to such an extent that I was limited, even at work. I saw your publicity. To my great surprise, after a week of using your product, I was completely relieved of my pain and also noticed an incredible recovery of energy! I think I can’t go without it anymore.
Marcel, (Sherbrooke, Quebec)

Testimonial #3

I heard about Velvet Life on a T.V. show and decided to give it a try. Since then I use Velvet Life regularly, that is 6 capsules a day. I am a 75 year old man and a former plumber. I don’t have any strength left in my legs. Since I started using Velvet Life, I can say that things have improved by 20%.I trust Velvet Life. I have used 15 bottles already.
Leo (Longueuil, Quebec)

Testimonial #2

In my case, I felt pain in the joints of my hand. I had to get cortisone shots every 6 months. Now that I have been using Velvet Life for the last 5 months, my hand doesn’t hurt anymore. I am happy.
Edgar ‚(Longueuil, Quebec)

Testimonial #1

At 9 years of age, Alexandra had a problem with the cartilage in her knees. It was really problematic at school since she had to go up and down the stairs regularly. Alexandra started to take Velvet Life twice a day – morning and evening. After 2 weeks, Alexandra had no more pain and when we did the follow-up with her doctor a month and a half later, the x-rays showed that the cartilage in her knees had healed.
Marie-Josée, mother of Alexandra


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