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Elk Antler Velvet extract

What is it and why it's used

Elk velvet antler is considered one of the most valuable food supplements of all oriental medicines. Elk velvet antler has a history of continuous use dating back thousands of years.

Elk velvet antler is a pure, natural nutritional supplement containing the essence of an elk’s antler in the velvet state of growth. Clinically proven safe and effective for supporting optimum health, velvet antler benefits joint health, muscle health and bone health. It also boosts the immune system, the cardiovascular system and the reproductive system.

Elk velvet antler has a history of continuous use dating back thousands of years. The earliest record of therapeutic use of velvet antler was found on a silk scroll in a Han tomb dated to approximately 168 B.C. This 2000-year-old scroll recommends medical treatments and prescriptions for over fifty different diseases! Of course, even 2000 years of traditional treatment is not convincing enough to break western skepticism; therefore, recent scientific studies have begun to document velvet antler’s health benefits.

North American research on elk velvet antler has been conducted in eight general areas. Elk Velvet antler’s effect on: joint repair, the immune system, physical strength and stamina, injury recovery, hormone balance, blood production and circulation, stress or exhaustion and sexual function. Scientific evidence aside, it can be said that elk velvet antler is still in use today for only one reason – because thousands of doctors and millions of people have experienced its beneficial results! Naturally, the best results come from the best quality elk velvet antler. Velvet Life goes to great lengths to ensure a dietary supplement of superior quality and effectiveness.

North American elk are highly prized for their size, strength and antler quality. Their antler is the fastest growing tissue of any mammal on earth – a condensed nutritional energy with an enormous potential for humans. Typically, antlers are harvested in the spring, when the antlers are in the “velvet” stage of peak nutritional potency.


Strict standards are maintained throughout the wapiti antler processing to ensure nutrients retain their optimum natural bioactivity, making them much more bio-effective and bio-efficient than isolated man-made ingredients. Especially important is that our wapiti are treated safely, humanely and with respect and dignity both in year-round management as well as in harvesting, done with a state of the art process which allows the wapiti to return, pain free, to their normal free-range area after only a few minutes of confinement, to be undisturbed for another year.

Helps With :

  • problems with arthritis and osteo-arthritis

  • increase of strength

  • relief of arthritic pain and support of regeneration of joint tissues

  • improvement in physical performance

  • production of red cells for anaemia

  • increase of oxygen in the blood

  • reduction of time needed to recover after a workout

  • acceleration of the healing process after accident or scars

  • muscular development

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